Internet based portal of OSH development methods for SMEs




There is a large number of occupational safety and health (OSH) development methods for enterprisers in Finland. Although most of the Finnish enterprisers are small and medium-sized (SME), only some of the OSH development methods are suitable for SMEs. Many methods are e.g. too complex, time-consuming, expensive or the application of these methods needs special expertise or the help of OSH specialists. On the other hand, the methods are available from many different sources and are somehow not easy to find. Many SMEs have limited resources (time, money or knowledge) to develop OSH issues. The aim of this study was to develop an internet based portal for Finnish SMEs to improve the availability of OSH development methods. The portal aims to help the selection of OSH methods and includes e.g. practical guide, OSH vocabulary and basic safety related links. By answering the questions on the portal or by following the links step by step, the user will get a proposal of a suitable method to start their OSH development work. The key objective in developing the portal was to keep it simple and easy to use. User satisfaction and usability of the portal was measured during the developing process. Internet based portal was developed in cooperation with SMEs. The study is still ongoing and will be completed in May 2008. Keywords Safety promotion, SME, practical guide, internet NOTE: This paper is linked to paper: Päivinen M., Heinimaa T., Anttila S. and Palukka P. Promotion of safety management in small and medium-sized enterprisers ORP theme: Safety at work

ORP2008 - VI Congreso Internacional de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales