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Lean Management Promotes Occupational Health and Safety - Lean Management Promotes Occupational Health and Safety

 FAQ's - Frequent Questions  

General Questions

 Where and when will the conference take place?
  It will be be held on May 23th, 24th, & 25th, 2012 in Bilbao, Spain.

 Who may attend?

This is a scientific, technical, corporate, and professional conference on all fields related to Ergonomics and Occupational Risk Prevention, including such areas as industrial hygiene, occupational medicine, risk prevention training and education, occupational psychology and sociology, among other topics.

While anyone is free to attend the conference, it is primarily aimed at professionals in the field, and assumes a considerable level of expertise in the subject. Graduate students in relevant fields are also encouraged to attend.

 How much does it cost to attend?

The registration fee for the ORP 2012 Conference is 410.00 euros if registering before February 28, 2012, and 475.00 euros after that date. This fee includes all conference activities except the official dinner, which costs an additional 60 euros per person.

Authors wishing to present papers are considered participants, and must pay the corresponding registration fee. Authors who cancel their registration will not have their papers published in the conference proceedings. Each participant must arrange his or her travel and accommodations in advance. Conference organizers will not be responsible for any costs relating to conference attendance.


 Who can participate as an author?

Call for papers is open to all persons wishing to publish their results and/or experiences in the fields called for in the conference, provided the paper meets the standards required in an international conference of this type. The list of working areas accepted in this conference is published in the "Authors" section of this website.

The Scientific Committee is responsible for carrying out the paper selection process, which is why not all received contributions are finally published in the proceedings. This procedure is described in the above mentioned webpage.

Those authors whose papers have been selected for presentation at the plenary sessions must pay the conference registration fee in order to have their papers published in the conference proceedings.

 How should I write my paper?

General guidelines on publishing papers for the conference are found in the "Authors" section of this website. Please follow THIS LINK in order to access it.

Please note that the Scientific Committee maintains the right to reject those papers that do not meet publication requirements, including deadlines and formats. Please read and follow carefully the published instructions.  

 Why are there are two phases to the paper selection process?

The Scientific Committee carries out the conference paper selection process in two phases. The first phase includes review of abstracts in order to filter out papers not in line with the working fields of this Conference. The second phase is a peer-review of the content and conclusions of the received and preselected papers, in order to guarantee the quality of presented articles.

Final selected papers may eventually be presented at the Communications sessions of the Conference, as finally scheduled by the Technical Secretariat. Please note that not all selected papers are presented orally at the conference, either by decision of the author or the Scientific Committee.

 I wish to present two (or more) papers. Is there a limit?

Due to the high volume of papers received, and limited time and physical space available, we only allow one oral presentation per author or research group.

However, there is no limit in the number of papers you may submit for publication to the Conference. All selected papers will be published in the Proceedings, even though they have not been orally presented at the Communications sessions.

The Technical Secretariat is responsible for programming activities and presentations. While the secretariat is committed to accommodating as many presentations as possible, it reserves the right to decline presentation requests for lack of time and space.

 Who is the Main Author of the paper?

Even though a paper may have several authors, only one person may be designated Main Author at the time of publication. This is the person who will be in touch with and receive formal information from the Technical Secretariat.

If your paper has been written by a single author, this person is designated Main Author.

 Where do I send my papers?

Abstracts must only be sent through the electronic form found in the Authors section of this website. There is no guarantee of receipt of papers sent by any other means.

Full papers must be sent according to specific instructions published by the Technical Secretariat, once the final selection process has ended.

 How many pages can my paper have?

A minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 15 pages, synthesis and concision are important criteria in the selection process.

For this reason, we kindly suggest that you write your paper for an expert public, avoiding unnecessary explanations, and presenting only information necessary to understand research findings and conclusions.


Conference secretariat: infoorp.oe@upc.edu